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CSA week 4: pick up TODAY!

Posted 7/11/2017 9:23am by Melanie & Kevin Cunningham.

Dear friends and farm-ily,

The heat & sunshine of high summer have been elusive at our Carlotta farm this summer. We are 16 miles from the coast as the crow flies, and we're really feeling the maritime influence this season. Our diversity makes us more resilient to the whims and vagaries of mother nature, as whatever the weather holds in store for us this season, it's bound to be good for something that we grow!

New in your CSA boxes this week are a farm favorite, the heirloom cucumber 'Boothby Blonde'. This cucumber obviously shares genetics with the old-fashioned lemon, and the seed was reputedly stewarded for 5 generations by the Boothby family in Maine. Occasionally some of the first cukes will present a little bitterness, but it's all in the skin and easily remedied by peeling.

Strawberries and scallions continue to grace your boxes. Geri & Earl, my mother and father-in-law, who have been land partners since the beginning and a full-time presence on the farm for two years now, made an incredible strawberry salsa last week using the strawberries and scallions in their garden share. CSA shares have been known to inspire creativity in members, so don't be afraid to "think outside the box" and have fun with your weekly offerings.

Hilling potatoes on the 4th of July, it doesn't get more American than that! Here's apprentice Anna Dozer working the All-in-One behind the oxen. 

Hilling potatoes on the 4th of July with apprentice, Anna Dozer.

Today's Fortuna Farmers' Market kick-offs this summer's market sponsored Fresh & Festive Community Events with a Meet Your Farmers Day. Highlights of today's event include:

  • Displays of fun and interesting information about each farm.
  • Farm-fresh food demo with Double D Steak House's talented chef, Jeff Dunker, beginning at 3:30p.
  • Veggie bowling!
  • Life-size farmer face-cutouts for photo opportunities
  • A market scavenger hunt.

The Fresh & Festive Community Events were imagined this winter by the Fortuna market farmers and developed in partnership with many local businesses and organizations. There will be special events every Tuesday at the market starting today and for the next 7 weeks. Fortuna Farmers' Market will even stay open an additional 1/2 hour, from 3-6:30p. If you don't pick up your share here, make sure to stop by sometime!

What's coming up? Carrots are sizing up, and broccoli is not far behind. Then beans... green, yellow, and purple!

Beans on a summer morning.

May you all relish the growing abundance of summer and the incredible variety and flavor that good soil, long days and sunshine, and many hands working together make possible.

With gratitude, from your farmers,

Melanie, Kevin, Clyde and the Shakefork crew: Jackie, Daniel, Matt, & Anna!